Minigolf equipment

Minigolf club

We recommend branded public cane (Swedish manufacturer, NiFO brand), sometimes referred to as a hammer. The advantage of the miniature golf club is that it does not distinguish between right-handed and left-handed players - anyone can play with it. Suitable length of the stick for an adult is 90 cm. On the other hand, the length of 70 cm is mainly intended for children.

Minigolf balls

The balls have different hardness, size, bounce and weight. We recommend one hard (small bounce) and one soft (large bounce) so that you can play comfortably on each hole. Each obstacle suits a different type of ball, you need to feel each ball and find out which one "fits" you best.


If you want to avoid damage to the mini golf club, we recommend buying boot for the club.
If you don't want to bend over for the balls, then you will certainly find it useful feeder for balls, which is placed on the grip of the club.

Our recommendations

We recommend that you purchase miniature golf equipment in individual sets - see items below. You get everything you need for your recreational play.

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Mini golf ball - hard
Mini golf ball - hard
In Stock (>5 pcs)

Minigolf ball - hard. A little bounce.

Mini golf ball - soft
Mini golf ball - soft
In Stock (>5 pcs)

Minigolf ball - soft. Big bounce.

Mini golf ball feeder
Mini golf ball feeder
In Stock (>5 pcs)

Minigolf feeder for minigolf balls - handpiece.

Mini golf club cover
Mini golf club cover
In Stock (>5 pcs)

Minigolf shoe for miniature golf club. Thermo.

Bag for mini golf clubs
Bag for mini golf clubs
In Stock (3 pcs)

Minigolf bag for clubs. Black.

Mini golf club for the public - children's pro

Minigolf club - children's for recreational play.

Mini golf club for the public - professional

Minigolf club suitable for recreational players.

Set Children Profi

Minigolf set for children. Children's mini golf.

Set Profi solo A

Minigolf set. Minigolf club and miniature golf ball.

Set Profi solo B

Minigolf set for recreational players. Minigolf equipment.

Set Duet Profi

Minigolf pro set. Complete miniature golf equipment.

Set Comfort
Set Comfort
In Stock

Minigolf comfort set. Mini golf equipment.

Set Family Profi

Minigolf set Family. Recreational miniature golf clubs.