Complete sets

Complete game design - you lay out the playing surface, attach the playing structure/shuttle, set up the wooden skittles, hang the ball and go play. Assembly is simple - 6 screws, laying the boards and attaching the wooden playing ball.

All-in-one packaging . It is a mobile design that can be fixed to the ground after small adjustments so that the structure cannot be manipulated.

There is a choice of galvanised or painted construction (with "base") and EN 1176 certified versions.

Designed for primary schools, hotels, municipalities, parks,... we recommend to buy including all protective and anchoring elements - with EN 1176 certificate, marked in the e-shop "certificate". We wrote a short article on our blog about whether to choose a version with or without a certificate.

Garden skittles - complete set

Our most popular design - assemble and go play!

  • 1x1 meter playing area,
  • 9x wooden cones (height 30 or 35 cm) and 1x wooden ball - beech finish with outdoor varnish,
  • wicker basket for easy carrying of wooden cones and balls,
  • construction and a gallows (height 200 cm) on which you hang the ball,
  • m8 (13) and M10 (17) wrench to assemble everything conveniently - assembly instructions included.

The 1x1 metre playing area is directly part of the structure/swinging platform. The structures are galvanized or powder-coated (under which there is also a primer). The entire play structure must be placed on a solid and horizontal surface.

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Kerti teke

Garden skittles - a complete set for playing with wooden skittles (height 30 cm).

Kerti teke

Garden skittles - a complete set for playing with wooden skittles (height 35 cm).