Skittles 35 cm - complete set

Garden skittles - a complete set for playing with wooden skittles (height 35 cm).

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Skittles 35 cm - complete set
  • 9 wooden skittles (35 cm) and game ball (12 cm).
  • Material: beechwood.
  • Skittle weight: 870g, Ball weight: 620g.
  • Products meets the norms of EN 71-1,2,3 and EN 1176.
  • A 210cm long galvanised chain + a loop and a carabiner for smooth ball-attachment - they can easily be removed for safety reasons.
  • Basket for easy carrying of the pins and the ball.
  • The game board - a metal construction with rubber plates, the size of one plate is 1x1 m.
  • Design and gallows: hot dip galvanized substrate and powder coating.
  • Weight of the pins and balls: about 9 kg.
  • Height of the construction: 195 cm.
  • The total weight of the structure / scaffold and board: approx 57 kg.
  • The construction has a very good stability, thanks to technology used on the game board.
  • To build the structure, you need an M8 (13) and M10 (17) keys - included.

Game Features

Skittles game

Number of players: 2-unlimited Communication: Hodnocení her
Average game time: 40 minutes Strategy: Hodnocení venkovních her
Minimum age: 4 years Coincidence: Hry hodnocení


Expert opinion


Probably one of the most popular games in the Czech Republic, I already wrote about it on our blog. Small space requirements,  simple rules, and attractive point of the game makes it rather fun and interesting. The game is pretty simple - to put the skittles in their position and throw the ball ain't that hard.  However, you have to throw the ball behind the skittles and make sort of an arc shape while you throw it - so it requires quite a lot of practice. We provide the game for both schools, retirement homes and guesthouses, just as for families - it's a great fun for friends and family while you throw a BBQ in your backyard.

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