There are several options to choose from for our chess design as well as the playing stones for checkers.

  • Banner canvas, usually used for printing outdoor advertising, is recommended to be placed on a hardened surface to give the figures stability. Our chessboard design including a top protective lamination that prolongs the life of the board. Dimensions for large versions of chess and checkers are 180x180 cm (the canvas has reinforced edges - for better durability). For smaller versions 90x90 cm (the canvas has rounded edges - to avoid making "donkey ears".

  • Printed satin tablecloth to be placed on a solid surface - ideally a table. This design is available for small chess designs (king height 20 cm) and queens (stone diameter 6cm). Size of the tablecloth: 120x120 cm (the size of the playing area in the tablecloth is 90x90 cm).

  • Interlocking tiles in suitable sizes for individual sizes. For large designs, the size of one square is 20x20 cm - the chessboard consists of 8x8 squares in total. For smaller designs, the size of one box is only 10x10 cm - the whole area without edges is then 80x80 cm. Instructions for assembling the chessboard are sent together with the order on request.