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Made in Czech Republic

Our company, STOA-Zahradni minigolf s.r.o., creates a large scale of outdoor and garden games for you for more than ten years now. We are a family Czech business that started with offering mini-golf-based games and later on expanded to our current offer of more than 30 different games. 

We are keen on the quality of our products and so when we make our games, their with the high quality is our priority. Wooden game features are made from hard beech wood and meets the EN 71 norms. Metal structures are galvanized or treated with a powder coating. Game designs of mini-golf, skittles and garden-rondo meet the EN 1176 norm.

Take a look at Our story... Outdoor games are our life and we believe that our love for games transpires into everything we do. 

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Page 1 of 1 - 35 items total

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