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Garden miniature golf

Garden miniature golf allows you to play 6 miniature golf holes on the size of one miniature golf course (thanks to the expandable set of obstacles, up to another 5 holes - a total of 11 miniature golf lanes). The placement of replaceable obstacles is up to you, there are no limits to your imagination. Instructions for the basic layout are sent with the order.

Thanks to one miniature golf course, you can play up to 11 obstacles and save the space needed for the implementation and the costs associated with the construction of a miniature golf course. Or you can combine for example two tracks and two sets of obstacles, there are plenty of options... feel free to contact us anytime.

Such a design is suitable not only for gardens, but also as part of the equipment of hotels, guest houses, recreation centres, retirement homes, schools, municipalities, etc. Take inspiration from some of our realisations.

Also available in versions (marked "certificate") with EN 1176 - public sector, schools, kindergartens... We wrote a short article on our blog about whether to choose a version with or without a certificate.


Other variants available - miniGarden miniature golf, Recreational minigolf (hobbyminigolf), Cross miniature golf (three lanes - one hole).

6 items total
Minigolf Obstacles - basic set

Set of five interchangeable obstacles for Garden Mini Golf - jump, tunnel, crossroads, spikes, bridge.

Minigolf Obstacles - extra set

A set of five replaceable obstacles for Garden Minigolf. Expansion set to the basic set.

Garden Minigolf - minigolf track

Garden minigolf track - mobile (5m). One track and interchangeable mini golf obstacles.

miniGarden-Minigolf track

Small mini-golf course (length 2.5 m) + basic set of obstacles. A small version of garden minigolf.

miniMinigolf Obstacles - extra set

Expanding set of obstacles to the basic set of miniGarden minigolf.

MyMinigolf - minigolf set Basic

MyMinigolf - minigolf set - 9 obstacles. Play on different surfaces - carpet, tiles, wooden terrace.



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