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Kubb is a popular game that came to us from Sweden. Today it exists in a number of different designs. We've chosen only quality hardwood designs that we've tested and know will last a long time - we test the games regularly at our suburban camps. Kubb is undoubtedly one of the most popular outdoor games.

The game is designed for two players or two teams - the great advantage is that up to 6 players can play in one team (each side always has 6 throwing pins). The game will be ideal for your barbecue event, corporate teambuilding, clubs or camps for children.

All our designs are approved by the Swedish Kubb Federation. They are therefore suitable for both tournament play and recreational play with friends.

Kubb with numbers / Number Kubb

A number of other garden games have been created on a similar principle, so you can find the very popular Number Kubb game in our offer. Throwing pegs on scored stones, the winner must throw 50 points.

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Kubb Family
Kubb Family
In Stock

Outdoor game for two players/teams. A birch wood version of the popular Kubb game.

Kubb Original

Outdoor game for two teams. The game can be played both in a small and in a larger number of players (2-12).

Kubb Original - Black Edition

Outdoor game for two teams. Black design, which you can paint as you wish.

Kubb PRO - (wooden)

An outdoor game for two teams playing against each other. Elegant lacquered version of the popular Kubb game.

Number Kubb
Number Kubb
In Stock

Kubb with numbers is a popular game that came from Finland. You get points by knocking down a pin with numbers on it.

Number Kubb Color

Number kubb is a popular game that came from Finland. You get points by dropping the pin with the numbers.