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Discgolf takes outdoor activity by storm. A great game, very popular especially in the USA. A number of disc golf courses have also been created in our country, in public parks (usually free to play), at recreational areas, on ski slopes or at shopping centres. A great activity that you can play in summer and winter.

Discs for Discgolf

All you need to play is a set of discs - Driver, Midrange, Putter (ideal for beginners - the set is suitable for one player), complete beginners only need one disc a basket-court which you can place in your garden, school grounds or use on any of the disc golf courses around the country.

The ideal variant is at least: one disk = one player. Putter is enough for beginners.

Discgolf baskets

The designs of the games we have on offer are great especially for the home garden or perhaps the school grounds. The mobile design (the basket can be anchored/secured into the ground with 4 pegs) makes it easy to clean up after the game. If you want to attach the basket permanently, the structure can be concreted - we recommend consulting first.

You have one basket (of course you can buy more in our e-shop - most will depend on the space you have available), to which you make your own tracks (arbitrarily long, difficult,... all taking into account especially the age and ability of the players). There are no limits to your imagination - create a playground that others will love and hate at the same time :).

We send our great tips for building an unforgettable playground together with the basket/basket. We will be glad if you send us photos of your realizations to our e-mail.

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Discgolf - putter

Discgolf Putter - suitable for beginners to get acquainted with the game. Different colours.

Discgolf - discs SQU

Set of 3 disc golf discs - Driver, Midrange and Putter. Suitable for beginners and intermediate.

Disc golf - SQU discs (set)

Set of 3 disc golf discs - Driver, Midrange and Putter. Suitable for beginners and intermediates.

Discgolf - discs (set)

Set of 3 disc golf discs - Driver, Midrange and Putter. Suitable for beginners.

Disc golf EasyBag

The Easybag is a great addition to any Discgolf player's kit. You can comfortably fit 6-10 discs in your bag.

Disc Golf FatBag

Fatbag is an excellent accessory for every Discgolf player. The bag can comfortably hold up to 15-20 discs.

Discgolf - Target Light

Discgolf - portable basket. Ideal for the garden, school or park with friends.

Discgolf - Target DLC

Discgolf - portable basket Eurodisc. Extra robust basket design with double-layer chain.

Discgolf Target Bag

The Targetbag is a great tool for storing and carrying your basket.

Hookbruc - travel

Hookbruc © - implementation of the popular game for traveling, camping, to the park, with friends.

Discgolf marker

Discgolf Marker - used to mark the exact spot from where the player throws his next roll.


Hookbruc - Czech outdoor game

Hookbruč is also based on a similar principle as Discgolf, where plastic hoops are thrown (no risk of injury to players or spectators) onto wooden pegs. Hookbruč is a Czech game that we produce.