Discgolf sets

Are you hesitating how many baskets and discs to choose for a bunch of kids at school, in a playgroup, at camp, in a leisure centre...? We'll give you some tips on how to make the right choice. 


The basic thing is the space you have available. One lane (from the tee - start) to the basket (finish) can be 100 meters long on a disc golf course. The distance is certainly interesting but won't players struggle at the start? Make one shorter track (maybe only 20 meters), for the next one incorporate trees on the land as obstacles... One basket = one lane.

What you can do is make several paths to one basket. Players finish one lane and move to the start of the second lane. The baskets in our range are mobile - so you can always design different lanes when building your course.

Number of players

If you have more baskets you can entertain 20 players at once. Groups usually come in groups of 4 players. They start on one lane and continue on to the other lanes - adding up the number of rolls on each lane (the sum will eventually be their final number of rolls). Players don't have to put the disc in the basket in one try, but they match - the player who is furthest from the basket always plays. If you have one basket, it doesn't matter - you make different lanes and the groups will alternate.

Think about the option of dividing the children, letting them play in 2-3 groups and then taking turns. You have fewer discs - let players play in teams. One team has two players and they take turns throwing the discus. They learn teamwork and mutual respect.

Number of disks

Biggest pitfall. Each player should have at least one disc in play. The most used and versatile is the Putter. A set of discs (3 pieces) is great when the game gets fun - each disc in the set does something different. Driver - longer distances, Midrange - passing, Putter - finishing to the basket. For beginners, don't be afraid to give out these discs in a set, they won't know the difference, especially at the beginning. Three players can play from one set.

Recommendations for 12 players

  • 1x discgolf basket
  • 1x set of SQU discs (blue, yellow, red) or 1x set of SQU discs (yellow, light green, pink)
  • 1x set of discs (yellow, red, black)
  • 6x putter (different colours)
  • 1x disc storage bag
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Discgolf - putter
Discgolf - putter
In Stock (4 pcs)

Discgolf Putter - suitable for beginners to get acquainted with the game. Different colours.

Discgolf - korongok
Discgolf - discs (set)
In Stock (>5 set)

Set of 3 disc golf discs - Driver, Midrange and Putter. Suitable for beginners.

Discgolf - SQU korongok

Set of 3 disc golf discs - Driver, Midrange and Putter. Suitable for beginners and intermediate.

Discgolf - kosár Light
Discgolf - Target Light
In Stock (1 pcs)

Discgolf - portable basket. Ideal for the garden, school or park with friends.

Discgolf - SQU korongok
Discgolf - SQU discs (set)
In Stock (>5 pcs)

Set of 3 disc golf discs - Driver, Midrange and Putter. Suitable for beginners and intermediates.

Discgolf FatBag
Discgolf FatBag
In Stock (5 pcs)

Fatbag is an excellent accessory for every Discgolf player. The bag can comfortably hold up to 15-20 discs.