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STOA-Zahradni minigolf s.r.o.
Srbkova 3/1
250 64 Zlonin (Prague-East)
Czech Republic

ID: 24696692
VAT: CZ24696692 (VAT payers)

Phone: +420 731 589 638

E-mail: info@stoa-games.com

ID data box: 6rusidf

STOA-Zahradni minigolf s.r.o. is registered in the Commercial Registry maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague section C, insert 166877th



The list of items on this e-shop is a catalog of goods supplied from STOA-Zahradni minigolf s.r.o.

To order the customer selects an item / items from the menu, properly fills out the order form and send the orders. Please provide all the necessary information, including a contact phone,  in the customer information section.

Sent order is considered a binding purchase contract. The order also serves to reserve goods. Order is considered as a binding when the order is send using the order form.


By sending an order, the customer gives consent with processing of his personal information (our registration number at the UOO Office: 00057843). Those information are used only for a proper order processing.  

We send our customers our newsletter on an irregular basis, containing news concerning garden and outdoor games. The customer has a right to withdraw his consent with receiving those newsletters at anytime and ask for deleting his personal information from our database.


Terms of delivery 

Please, inspect thoroughly the product and its packaging. while taking over your goods.
If the product packaging is damaged in any way (for example, damaged covering film, damaged corners of the carton), file a following statement in the confirmation of shipment delivery: "Subject delivered with damaged packaging." Incompleteness, or a damage to the packaging has to be immediately writen down in form of a damage report, and within 24 hours sent by e-mail to the seller.

Announcement of the transportation complaint: has to be reported in a maximum of 3 days after receiving the goods, with photographs of the package, the goods and its damage. 

If the customer signs the confirmation of the goods delivery, without any additional statement, additional complaints on damage or incompleteness of the goods, are not possible. 

Delivery time 

Most of the goods is available in stock, if you need your delivery strictly on time, we recommend to verify current availability by phone.

The expedition of the goods is done within 2 to 4 days. DPD/Contractual transportation service will usually deliver the goods on the following two workdays after its expedition by the seller. Delivery of custom-made goods, big games, and non-standard size games, can range from 3 to 4 weeks.

Returning your goods in 14 days from your purchase

It is possible to return the goods, ordered in an online store, delivered by the transportation service and paid for by the customer, in accordance with the Act no. 367/2000 Coll. within 14 days of purchase by returning the receipt to the dealer (applies only to individuals, does not apply for a personal purchase of goods in our premises without prior order).

You can withdraw from the contract under the following conditions:

Deliver the goods to our address together with the attached written will of the customer to withdraw from the purchase agreement and indicate the account number to which the payment is to be made for returned goods. Contact us in advance.

The goods sent and returned to the adress of the seller must be in an undamaged packaging, preferably unwrapped, may be used, must be undamaged, complete (including all accessories and documentation) and contain a copy of proof of purchase. Please do not send goods on delivery - they will not be accepted.

The returned amount is always calculated with the price of transport, if that was charged with the order and delivery of goods.


We send the tax receipt / invoice in a package with the goods. To file your claim you need a tax receipt / invoice.



Method of delivery of goods

  • DPD - most usual way of transportation of our games (chess, memorize, domino).

  • Contractual transporter - large games/non-standart sizes, foreign shipments (both to EU and outside of EU).

  • STOA - larger games, custom manufacturing... garden minigolf, combination of more games, big games / non-standard sizes.

  • Personal collection of the good - Zlonin, Czech Republic, after a phone-call-based agreement.  

Method of payment

  • DPD/Contractual Carrier

    •  EFT payment in advance (we send the invoice with an account number and VS).

  • Personal collection/STOA

    • in cash during personal collection (not possible to pay by card),

    •  EFT payment in advance (we send the invoice with an account number and VS).



You will find the methods and prices of transportation while filing your order - step Transportation and payment.   

You can find more information about the transportation options in the EU (including Switzerland and Norway) in the Shipping section.



Have you received your game damaged. Unfortunately, it happens and we are sorry for that. We want to make the whole process with filing complaints as easy as possible - please file the complaint list and send the goods to our adress. Please call us beforehand and inform us about it.  

We process every complaint with maximum of care and responsibility. We will inform you about the results of your complaint in maximum of 30 work days. If you have any questions regarding the process, do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Inform us please beforehand about your complaint by phone or by email.

  • File the complaint list (available at the end of this page). 

  • Please describe the defect of the goods as detailed as possible, attach a picture or different kind of documentation if possible.  

  • Put the complaint list in the package with the returned goods. It is necessary to pack the goods, so that the package protects the products from further damage.

  • Include a copy of a tax invoice along with complaint list. Always send the goods completely, not just the damaged part. 

  • Send the whole package to our adress: STOA-Zahradni minigolf s.r.o., Srbkova 3/1, 250 64, Czech Republic.

Processing of a complaint

  • Based on the attached documents the complaint will be assesed and the next steps of its processing will be determined. 

  • Legitimacy or ilegitimacy of the claim is always assesed by the manufacturer or importer of the goods, which will issue a written statement concerning the claim.

  • In case of a legitimate complaint you will either receive a repaired product, a new product or the amount of money paid for the product. We will send you the amount on your bank account in a maximum of 14 days from dealing with complaints. 

  • In case of a legitimate complaint, our customers are entitled to recover costs associated with the claim (postage) at a reasonable level.


Terms and conditions and Complaint procedure

  • You can download the complete Terms and Conditions at: HERE.

  • Complaints procedures: HERE.

  • Complaint form: HERE.


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