Game Certificates

EN 71-1,2,3

  • Wooden game parts meet the latest EN 71-1,2,3 norms. Since 2014 the 71-3 norm requires to test 19 features, instead of 8, as it was required previously.
  • Certificate for our wooden game parts confirms the quality and harmlesness of our products.
  • Only a handful of outdoor games available on the market have proper certification that protects your health.

EN 1176

  • Construction and design of the games made for public institutions meet the norms of EN 1176 "Children's playground equipment and surface standarts".
  • We keep working on bringing you original European products with the proper certification.

We will be happy to send you the certificates upon request. Game variations made for public institutions also includes technical report, staff training and other necessary documentation.


Warning: games are not suitable for children under the age of 3.


EN 1176   Certifikate EN 71-1,2,3