Chess and checkers

We make several variants of the game - Giant Wooden Chess and Checkers.

Different heights and sizes of pieces (height of the king 20 or 40 cm for wooden chess and diameter of the playing stone 6 or 14 cm for the grand queen). We use only beech wood for production. It's good to work with, it's hard - so the pieces last and we use it for our other games.

Different playing boards (chess pieces and checkers can of course be purchased without a board and the board can be created by yourself - your own design, painting,...). You can choose between the very popular banner - usually printed on outdoor advertising (our version always with protective lamination - guarantees even better durability, protects against minor mechanical damage and UV radiation). We also offer for smaller designs satin tablecloth and of course the popular outdoor paving.

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Playing wooden stones for a little draughts and a wicker basket.

102/- B
Giant Draughts
Giant Draughts
In Stock (5 pcs)
from €159

Playing wooden stones for a giant draughts and a wicker basket.

Garden Chess
Garden Chess
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Small version of garden chess (king height 20 cm). Wooden - beech.

Giant Chess
Giant Chess
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Large outdoor chess (king height 40 cm) not only for the garden. Exclusive wooden design.