Discgolf baskets

The Discgolf baskets we have on offer are great especially for the home garden or perhaps the school grounds. The mobile design (the basket can be anchored/secured into the ground with 4 metal pins) makes it easy to clean up after a game.

If you want to attach the basket permanently, the structure can be concreted - we recommend consulting first. Ground screws can be used to place and fasten the basket.


Cheaper baskets are lighter (approx. 8 kg) and easier to handle. The one from the Swedish company BEX Sport has a quick snap-on, so assembly is really a matter of moments. The basket from the German company Eurodisc, the Light version on the other hand has coils, so it is more stable. The design of the DLC basket is very close to professional baskets - double chains, more weight (15 kg), more stable design.

Check out the videos for each basket where we have done a detailed review.

Discgolf course

You have one basket (of course you can buy more in the e-shop - most will depend on the space you have available), to which you make your own tracks (arbitrarily long, difficult... all taking into account especially the age and ability of the players).

There are no limits to your imagination - create a playground that others will love and hate at the same time :).

We send our great tips for building an unforgettable playground together with the basket/basket. We will be glad if you send us photos of your realizations to our e-mail.

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Discgolf - kosár Light
Discgolf - Target Light
In Stock (1 pcs)

Discgolf - portable basket. Ideal for the garden, school or park with friends.

Discgolf - kosár DLC
Discgolf - Target DLC
In Stock (1 pcs)

Discgolf - portable basket Eurodisc. Extra robust basket design with double-layer chain.

Discgolf TargetBag
Discgolf TargetBag
In Stock (1 pcs)

The Targetbag is a great tool for storing and carrying your basket.