Ludo game board

  • Banner canvas, usually used for printing outdoor advertising, is recommended to be placed on a paved surface. Our design , including a protective lamination to extend the life of the playing surface, protects against minor mechanical damage and UV radiation. We send the banner folded, after unpacking we recommend to roll the banner, not fold it.

  • Printed satin tablecloth, recommended to be placed on a solid surface, preferably a table - we recommend hiding the tablecloth. If the tablecloth gets dirty, it can be washed in the washing machine, according to the instructions.

  • Interlocking paving in suitable sizes for individual sizes - ideal as a beautiful installation in the garden, park,... You don't have to create a regular pattern, but for example, lead the pavement around a tree/bench to incorporate the play area into your space. Suitable size of one box/tile is 20x20 cm.