Kubb Original

Outdoor game for two teams. The game can be played both in a small and in a larger number of players (2-12).

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  • Kubb game set is made from high-quality rubber tree hardwood. 
  • Delivered with a cotton bag for easy transport.
  • Contains: 1 king with a red head,  6 throwing pins, 10x kubbs, 4 pins for marking the game board, 1 cotton bag, 1 set of the rules of the game.
  • Size: King - 30x7x7 cm, kubb - 15x6x6 cm, throwing pin - 30x4 cm.
  • The game is packed in a cardboard box.
  • Rules of the game in the multi-language are included.
  • Game kit is approved by the Swedish Kubb Federation!
  • The game is ideal for both teams and 2 players. Teams do not even need to have the same number of players and the game can by played by anyone - children, seniors, and it is certainly entertaining for adult players as well.

Game features


Number of players: 2 or teams  Communication: Hodnocení her
Average game time: 20-60 minutes  Strategy: Hodnocení venkovních her
Minimum age: 4 years Coincidence: Hry hodnocení


Expert's opinion


I first saw the game in 2009, played by a few foreigners in the park. I didn't really understand what were they doing and maybe that's why I resisted this game for a long time. Which was a shame, because the game is incredibly catchy, especially if you play it in teams (each side throws 6 pins, so teams can be up to 6 players). Though it's not just about throwing pins - it's alsou about the tactics, which you'll be discovering throughout the whole game.

At summer camps, we play the game even with small children, so I would definitely recommend for families, friends or teambuilding activites.


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Hra kubb

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Additional parameters

Category: Social games and activities
Age: From 4 years
Number of Players: 2 and more
Type: Motion

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