Kubb Original - Black Edition

Outdoor game for two teams. Black design, which you can paint as you wish.

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Kubb Original - Black Edition
  • The game set for the game Kubb is made of high-quality hard wood (rubber tree).
  • Comes with a carry bag for easy transport.
  • Design intended for recreational play. Draw as you wish.

Set includes

Kubb Black Edition

  • 1 king, 6 throwing pegs, 10x wooden kubb, 4 pegs for marking the playing area, 1 quality bag, colored chalks for painting.
  • Rules of the game.
  • Size: king 30x7x7 cm, kubb 15x6x6 cm, throwing pin 30x4 cm.


  • The game is packed in a colorful cardboard box.
  • It also includes a practical bag for carrying and storing all game components.


  • This game set is approved for the game Kubb - Swedish Kubb Federation!
  • The dimensions of the Original design are completely suitable for a recreational game of Kubb with friends.
  • Be especially careful when children are playing - it is a downward throw (no propeller or upward throw). Likewise, be careful when hitting (wooden) kubbs.

Team game, family event...

  • The game is ideal for both teams and 2 players. The teams don't even have to have the same number of players, and everyone can play the game - children, seniors and, of course, adult players too.

Game Parameters


Number of players: 2 or teams Communication: Rating games
Playtime: 20-60 minutes Strategy: Rating outdoor games
Age of players: from 4 years old Random: Rating Games


Game Review

Kubb Black Edition

Ondrej evaluates + / -  
+ interesting game for two or more players the grass area is ideal and in our opinion a necessity
difficulty can be adjusted by the size of the field in the beginning a little more complex rules / understanding
+ option drawing  

The design of the game Kubb Original is made of high-quality hardwood. In addition, the Kubb PRO version is still painted. The difference is mainly that the lacquered design looks better and can withstand impacts with wooden pegs longer.

Expert opinion


Classic and time-proven version of Kubb Original game. This is a colored version that you can paint on with chalk. The color will certainly wear off, however, diversifying the game by painting faces, pirates, ogres will definitely add another dimension to the game. So players can paint everything first and then start playing.

Interesting design, I'm curious how the game will catch on, I think it's a great idea.

Additional parameters

Category: Kubb
Age: From 4 years
Number of Players: 2 and more
Type: Motion

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