Ketchit [:ke-cit:]

The game especially requires speed and good perception. A game for four players.

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Imagine four friends meeting at a game board. The roll of the dice decides who is going to be "the trigger", rest of them will be the "tractors".

The game from the trigger's point of view - rolls the dice on the game board, if the dice shows an even number, he triggers the device and tries to catch the game chips of tractors. He gets as many points, as many chips he can catch. If the dice shows an odd number, players don't do anything - if they do react in any way, they lose one point. The trigger rolls the dice five times and then the position moves onto another player.

The game from the tractor's point of view - game chips are in the middle under the triggering device. If an even number comes, the players have to escape the trigger by pulling the chips. If they can escape, they get 1 point. If the dice shows an odd number, they don't do anything - if they do something, they lose 1 point. 

Players play untill one of them gets 12 points and becomes the winner. 

  • Comes with a discounted price as a newly-sold product!
  • Metal construction, 2x board, 4 game pieces, 1 wooden dice, 1x boot device, colored counter.
  • Proportions Diameter of circle 60 cms, height 30 cms.
  • Colour design: powdered paint.
  • The ideal game for outdoor and indoor use.

Game features


Number of players: 2-4 Communication: Hodnocení her
Average game time: 20 minutes Strategy: Hodnocení venkovních her
Minimum age: 8 years Coincidence: Hry hodnocení



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Category: Games for Kids
Type: Giant
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