Rounders set

A game for the whole family. A simple precursor to softball, it can entertain many players for hours.

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An English outdoor game - a precursor to softball and baseball. Ideal game for two multiplayer teams - (preferably 5-6 players).


  • Wooden bat with rubber handle - made of quality hardwood, which is also varnished.
  • Ball - leather.
  • 4 wooden posts, each 60 cm high, 2,5 cm in diameter. They serve as bases.
  • 2 rubber pads - white. Like the pitch and the hit.
  • Nylon bag for easy storage and transport.
  • The pack is designed for 2 teams - an "in the field" team and an "at bat" team.

Rules and packaging

  • The rules of the game are included.
  • The game is packed in a cardboard box.

Game parameters


Number of players: 2 teams (ideally 6-8 players per team) Communication: Hodnocení her
Playing time: 60 minutes Strategies: Hodnocení venkovních her
Age of players: from 4 years old Coincidence: Hry hodnocení


Game Review


Ondrej rates + / -  
+ multiplayer fun - ideal number of players: 8 or more
+ nylon bag - base fighting can be on the edge - I recommend a suitable area
  - more space is needed

After unpacking the game from the cardboard box, the game contains: a wooden bat - round, a ball, a base and 4 sticks - the marking of the bases. After the game, everything can be stored in the bag...

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