Pukec for 4 - big

Pukec for 4 players - don't think and shoot. Flash board game for two teams - large version.

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Pukec for 4 - big

Catapult all your wooden pucks over the goal and into the opponent's half. But be careful, your opponent is trying to do the same :). Shoot faster and more accurately than your opponent. Great game for parties, family celebrations, weddings, corporate parties. Implementation of the game for 4 players!

Pukec pro 4

  • Game set includes:
    • Game board - size 80x80 cm.
    • The board is completely made of wood. The lower part is smooth so that the wooden pucks ride well.
    • 14 game pucks (wooden) - diameter 4 cm and puck height 1 cm. Stored in a bag.
    • Rules of the game.
  • The game board is made of wood with the option to engrave (on a wooden edge) or engrave on a wooden pucks. Feel free to contact us.
  • The wooden game board is placed on a flat surface, preferably a table.

Game Parameters

Pukec pro 4

Number of players: 4 Communication: Rating games
Playtime: 10 minutes Strategy: Rating outdoor games
Age of players: 5 and up Random: Rating Games


Custom logo or text

Game engraving

Do not hesitate to contact us - it is not a problem for us to engrave your logo or any text. Price is for engraving logo/text on 5 wooden pucks. Materials for engraving should preferably be sent to us in PDF by e-mail.

Game Review

Pukec pro 4

Ondrej evaluates + / -  
nice wooden design box not included
fast charge of the game  
corporate event, family celebration  
+ variant of the game for 4 players  

A game with a fast charge, there is no time to think...

Expert opinion


A very fast game that you won't believe, but play several rounds in a row and you will really be "tired". Take the puck, shoot, take the puck, shoot and all this takes maybe 3-5 minutes. A great party game, just sitting around with lemonade or wine and beer. An ideal game for a family tournament or corporate event. Suitable for children from 5-6 years old up to 99+.

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Shoot, don't think and shoot. PukecSimple and great fun for anyone who likes to have fun. All versions of the game are completely made in the Czech Republic by Czech carpenters. Behind the game are Lenka and Honza, who discovered the game in Denmark (there the game is known as Le Passe Trappe) and it was love at first Pukec.

We currently offer the classic Pukec for two players, but a slightly unconventional version of the game for 4 players. Small and large versions. Choose from the menu and enjoy a lot of fun.