Crossnet H2O

A fun game for 4 players... Crossnetpool net - assemblable.

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Crossnet H2O

Crossnet H20 is the world's first four-sided volleyball game. It is the best way to make everyone fall in love with swimming in the pool again. One shot in the corner, or three if you play in teams. Don't let the ball land on your side!

Crossnet game set "H20" contains:

  • Special net with floating base. Easily folded in minutes.
  • The dimensions of the net are approximately 3.5 x 3.5 m, so it is suitable for larger pools.
  • A bag to store everything after the game.
  • Inflatable neoprene ball and pump.
  • Weighting weights to keep the net from floating away so much.
  • Simplified rules.

Perfect for pool parties, barbecues, birthday parties, family reunions and much more!

Rules of the game Crossnet H20

  • Only the serving player from square 4 gets points, unless of course he loses the exchange.
  • The first player to score 11 points wins the set. It is usually played in two sets.
  • The serving player stands behind square 4 and passes a cross to square 2. The receiving player can now play to any square.
  • Kicking the ball is allowed. It is forbidden to smash or block from the opponent's serve.
    The height of the crossnet is usually 210 cm - it can be lowered for smaller players (three levels of adjustment in total).
  • The game can be played by more than 4 players. Four players play, the others wait at square 1 and after the exchange replace the player who lost the exchange.
  • It is not allowed to play the ball on the opponent's side when hitting (especially during a block).
  • The ball can be played with any part of the body, but only one touch is allowed. Sometimes players can agree on 2 or even three touches.

Game parameters

Crossnet H20

Number of players: 4 Communication: Hodnocení her
Playing time: 30 minutes Strategy: Hodnocení venkovních her
Age of players: from 6 years old Coincidence: Hry hodnocení


Game Review

Crossnet H20

Ondrej rates + / -
+ fun game for four players - larger swimming pool
+ ideal for a tournament with friends - 4 players required

Crossnet started hitting American beaches in 2018. I remember when I first came across them on their Instagram. It was the very beginning of a whole series about Crossnet...

Additional parameters

Category: Sports Games
Destination: Water

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CrossnetAmerican manufacturer of new sports game.

In our country, the not very well-known game Four Square meets Volleyball and a game is created where... 4 players, 4 squares but only one winner tries to play to outplay net and got the desired point.