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Spikeball Rookie

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Bigger structure, bigger ball - sports game Spikeball for beginners and children.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

A game similar to beach volleyball, but you can play on a much smaller playing surface, because the net is replaced by a small trampoline - this version is intended for children and beginners. The classic Spikeball has a construction with a width of 91 cm. This design is 114 cm in diameter. Likewise, the toy ball is larger.

Spikeball set includes:

  • 1x Spikeball rubber ball - yellow - the ball is inflated. Diameter: 16.5 cm (compared to the classic Spikeball: 9 cm).
  • 1x Spikeball net to be turned off in a plastic frame.
  • 5x pieces frames (rims) with hooks for turning off the net.
  • 5x legs under the trampoline. Construction diameter: 114 cm (compared to the design of the classic Spikeball: 91 cm).
  • 1x needle for inflating the balls (note that the pump is not included).
  • 1x practical bag for easy carrying of the game.
  • Gift: two wooden medals for the winning team.

Before the game, you need to assemble the trampoline and then you can immediately start playing. The rules are simple, but mastering the game itself will require some skill in the beginning. Its larger diameter will help you to hit the structure more easily, as will the larger ball.

Game Parameters

Spikeball Rookie

Number of players: 4 (2 teams)Communication: Rating games
Playtime: 20 minutesStrategy: Rating outdoor games
Age of players: 5 and upRandom: Rating Games
Difficulty of preparation: easy 


Game Review


Ondrej evaluates + / - 
+ dynamic game for four playersmaster the beginning of the game it takes some skill
on grass, in the park, on the beachsuitable playing surface condition
+ large design for other players 

The light and simple design and easy folding of the trampoline will allow you to start playing right away. Just turn off the net, you don't need too much space to play (even if some exchanges can "drive" players far away)... We wrote about the game complete review, be sure to read it at our blog.

Expert opinion


I myself played Spikeball for the first time on the beach in Italy and I have to say that I was immediately hooked. I didn't even think that hitting the ball on the trampoline could replace playing over the net in classic beach volleyball. The great thing about the game is that it really makes you doubt.

In the beginning, you are a little hesitant about how to move, how to serve, how to pass, but as soon as the game "gets into your blood" and you understand that you can move around the entire perimeter of the net, pass teammates and thus confuse the opponent, then the real fun begins. For example, we made a family tournament, everyone was on the move and everyone somehow managed the game at the beginning.

If you are interested in more about the game, be sure to read the review on our blog or watch a video review of the game on our Youtube channels.

Additional parameters

Category: Sports games
Number of Players: 4 players

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SpikeballAmerican manufacturer of the game Roundnet - a game where two players play around a round net against two in the style of volleyball.

Especially in the USA, Spikeball is very active and therefore very popular. Currently, there are many versions of this game. From the "hobby" version, to the PRO version and now also in the XXL version - which looks very interesting for example for children, i.e. for schools or children's clubs.

Currently, all distribution in Europe under the Spikeball brand has been taken over directly by the manufacturer from the USA.