About Us

We are a Czech company based near Prague, Czech Republic, Europe.

We manufacture, sell and rent garden/outdoor games.

Every game we create has its own design and is in most cases made from wood or combination wood/steel. 

Wooden game components are made from solid beech wood and comply with EN-71-1, 2,3 standards. 
Metal structures are hot-dip zinc-coated in standard and can be color painted with powder paint according to RAL scale.

You will find our headquarters near Prague (15kms) - region Prague-east, Zlonin, Czech Republic. You can contact us by: email or phone.

We hope, you like, what we do...



The games are suitable as leisure amenities in the:

  • gardens,
  • kindergartens and schools,
  • hotels or guest houses,
  • homes for the elderly,...
  • ...as well as in towns and villages or urban parks.


STOA-Zahradni minigolf

STOA-Zahradni minigolf s.r.o.: we are a Czech family-owned business and we focus on manufacturing, selling and renting garden/outdoor games and activites.

We have been making your favorite games for more than ten years. And in those ten years we succesfully handled hundreds of orders of our games.

We try to add more new games in our selection every year (such as the collection of games Dra-kula or Hookbruc in 2013) or new variations of our old games - different game boards, sizes, shapes and so on.

We know what we're doing so we can give you the right advice or discuss your needs and requests. We are also the manufacturer of our games, so we can easily alter the games for you and provide them with a different colour or variation.
We know which games are in right now, and which games are going to be the next big thing...

We participate in exhibitions (traditionaly For-Garden, Prague and newly GaLaBau, Norimberk), and you could have read about us in various magazines, especially those focus on gardening, home-decor, living and design. The Hookbruc game appeared on Czech TV show "Sama Doma" (check it out here). We have our own development center that is dedicated to developing new original games.

Certificate for our wooden game parts confirms the quality and harmlesness of our products. Wooden game parts meet the latest EN 71-1,2,3 norms. Only a handful of outdoor games available on the market have proper certification that protects your health.

Construction and design of the games made for public institutions meet the norms of EN 1176 "Children's playground equipment and surface standarts". We keep working on bringing you original Czech products with the proper certification.

We are happy to make you happy. We hope you'll have a plenty of good time with our games.

Garden Games

Why choose us?

  • Czech product from a Czech manufacturer, completely made in Czech Republic / Europe.

  • Original and non-traditional products, made only in high-quality wooden design.

  • Complete selection of garden and outdoor activities in one place.

  • We are totally transparent - our price list is always available online or for downloading.

  • Wooden game parts are made from high-quality hard beech wood. 

  • Wooden game parts meet the norms of EN 71-1,2,3.

  • Constructions and designs of our games for public institutions meet the norms of EN 1176.

  • We have many years of experience with game manufacturing - we have been making them for you for more than ten years.

  • We are here for you every day from 08:00 - 22:00. Call us on: +420 731 589 638. E-mail us: nonstop.

  • And the most important thing - WE ENJOY MAKING YOU HAPPY.


Why choose wooden games

  • Wooden-made games are safe. Most games are not made of small pieces, which makes them much safer for little children.

  • Wooden games are far more resistant. Wooden games are, unlike other materials, resistant to hits and other damage taken while playing the game. Because of that, they last much longer than any other games - they are games for generations to come.

  • Wooden games are organic. Wood is a natural product and therefore biodegradable. Games, in combination with organic coating, are absolutely harmless to children's health. This is confirmed by the certificate on all wooden gaming elements EN 71-1,2,3 delivered to us by TZUS Prague, o.z., Testing Institute of Light Industry Ceske Budejovice.
  • Wooden games are beautiful. Games are handmade, with so much attention for detail that they become pieces of art as well that alway attract the attention of your visitors (Giant Chess, Giant Domino).

We know that all that makes them a bit more expensive. Wooden-made games are, compared to other games made from plastic, luxury products. Even though, don't let cheap colouful plastic replace the simple and natural beauty of wooden games and toys!

We wish you and your children a great time playing our games.

Wooden games


Many of our customers have already witnessed that we focus on quality. Quality of our products, quality of materials they are made from, quality services and quality customer care - before, during and after the purchase.

We do not care about all those cheap, low-quality outdoor games that you can find on hundreds of websites. We care about products that we make with our own hands or that we import from the partners that we trust and that we sell for a reason. We do not want to offer what others offer as well and we do not want to download feeds from big importers - we want to better than that and offer you a different kind of outdoor games.

If we are not happy with the quality of the game, we'd rather not even offer it. We want to step out of the line and only offer products that will meet all of your requirements. Whether they are games that we make ourselves with our brand - STOA-Zahradni minigolf s.r.o., or the games that we take from our partners - BEX Sport AB, BS Toys, UberGames,...

Our Story

Ondrej VrabecThose who don't do anything, can't fail in anything...but they also cannot achieve anything. That is the philosophy that has always driven me. Not that you have to succeed in everything but if you won't try it, you will end up thinkg what would happen, if you did. And I chose games.  

A few years back I was in the construction business, but I felt it's not something for me - I already have the idea of starting my own business. My dad was a construction worker and when I saw a green carpet around our pool and two minigolf sticks next to it, the idea came to me. The first idea was a garden minigolf - one track and exchangeable obstacles - it was 2006. 

Few years later (2008) the minigolf seemed like it is not enough (us - my dad is the co-founder of our company) and so we expanded our activities into other games - skittles, chess, memorize, domino... garden activities and outdoor games. We wanted games tha will look good, have high quality and games that will make both us and our customers happy - so we chose wood. 

And different games came later on - Dra-kula, Garden-rondo and others.

When we bought a piece of land, thanks to the construction company of my father, we decided to create a space for presentation of our products... we created a garden, a stone river and in the 2009 I've bought a couple of golf sticks... and so we created Golf Zlonin.

Our golf field (if I can call it that, since our field is rather non-traditional and I'd recommend it to try out for those who are not really fans of golf) and our games pushed us towards other activites. The game Hookbruc was created to teach children the rules and the ethiquete of golf and respect towards each other and to show them that there are more than just computers and tablets.  

I am proud that we make our games in the Czech Republic - because we can. We know that we make things that are not cheap. But they have high quality and our customers know what they're made from, they want to pay someone who puts his work into it, they want their products to be nicely packed and they want to have someone who'll always be able to give them the right advice.

Our goal is to bring you high-quality, good-looking products that will make your garden, park, hotel or school look nice. And we thank you, our customers (both to those who already bought something as well as those who are planning to buy something) because without you, we could have never achieved what we have achieved, do what we love to do and futher expand our motto. We are happy to make you happy. 

Ondrej Vrabec, owner

How it all began

Picture 1: Carpet around the pool and the first version of Garden Minigolf, back then still in a single piece version - the carpet is put on a concrete and attached on the sides by beams and jäkles. Picture 2: First prototype of the Garden Minigolf, it took us about three days to make it - something unthinkable today. Picture 3: Here is minigolf slowly taking its shape... The design here is still with a rubber surface. Picture 4: Starting other outdoor games - Donť get angry, man (with PVC plate that we no longer use), skittles (variant of attachment to the mini-golf), outdoor chess or croquet.

A bit from our background

Our Certificates

STOA Showroom

EN 71-1,2,3

  • Wooden game parts meet the latest EN 71-1,2,3 norms. Since 2014 the 71-3 norm requires to test 19 features, instead of 8, as it was required previously.

  • Certificate for our wooden game parts confirms the quality and harmlesness of our products.

  • Only a handful of outdoor games available on the market have proper certification that protects your health.

EN 1176

  • Construction and design of the games made for public institutions meet the norms of EN 1176 "Children's playground equipment and surface standarts".

  • We keep working on bringing you original European products with the proper certification.

We will be happy to send you the certificates upon request. Game variations made for public institutions also includes technical report, staff training and other necessary documentation.

Warning: games are not suitable for children under the age of 3.


EN 1176   Certifikate EN 71-1,2,3