About Us

STOA-Zahradni minigolf

We are a Czech company based near Prague, Czech Republic, Europe. We manufacture, sell and rent garden/outdoor games. Every game we create has its own design and is in most cases made from wood or combination wood/steel.  Wooden game components are made from solid beech wood and comply with EN-71-1, 2,3 standards. Metal structures are hot-dip zinc-co...

Our Story

Those who don't do anything, can't fail in anything...but they also cannot achieve anything. That is the philosophy that has always driven me. Not that you have to succeed in everything but if you won't try it, you will end up thinkg what would happen, if you did. And I chose games.   A few years back I was in the construction business, but I felt it's not something for me - I already have t...

Our Certificates

EN 71-1,2,3 Wooden game parts meet the latest EN 71-1,2,3 norms. Since 2014 the 71-3 norm requires to test 19 features, instead of 8, as it was required previously. Certificate for our wooden game parts confirms the quality and harmlesness of our products. Only a handful of outdoor games available on the market have proper certification that protects your health. EN 1176...

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