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Kanjam is a sports game with a flying Frisbee saucer and two plastic baskets for two teams of two.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Kanjam is a non-contact game played with a frisbee and  two plastic baskets. The baskets are 15 metres from each other and the game is played by four people divided in two teams. The point is to throw the frisbee from one basket and hit the other one. One player is throwing, while the other one is waiting next to the basket where he can try to touch it and help it to land in the basket. The first team with 21 points wins. The game is perfect for a beach, garden or park enviroment. 

  • Original Kanjam set includes:
    • Two highly resistant easily movable baskets - the height of the basket is 51cm, diameter 42cm.
    • Official frisbee disc (made from recycled materials only).
    • The package includes a set of rules in English.
    • Packed in a card box made for easy transportation of baskets and frisbee.

Game featuresKanjam

Number of players: 4 (2 teams) Communication: Hodnocení her
Average game time: 20 minutes  Strategy: Hodnocení venkovních her
Minimum age: 6 years Coincidence: Hry hodnocení
Necessary preparation: easy  




We used to play Kanjam on our summer camps for kids. Some kids were so thrilled that they didn't want to stop, and some were'nt at all. It's probably because throwing a frisbee is not that easy and not everyone can do it. .You need an accurate throw, so that your teammate can touch the frisbee and hit the basket. Eventually we made a big tournament, made teams of better and worse players together. The game is pretty catchy and it defintitely makes you move.The cardbox for transportation is a bit unpractical, a cotton bag might have been better, but it works out pretty well anyway. 

If you want to find out more, check out our blog review, or our video review on our Youtube channel.



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Additional parameters

Category: Party games
Number of Players: 4 players
Type: Motion

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The KanJam game comes from the USA, where it has been produced by KanJam LLC since 2006. What is interesting about the production itself is that the game is actually made in the United States, so the product does not have a Made in China label.

KanJam is proof that not everything has to be made in China, and that it is possible to make a game elsewhere that is better, better, and above all cheaper than if it was made and imported from China.

To date, there are many variants of the game KanJam - Mini, Splash, Glow, Illuminate, PRO - shining and many others. You can find them all in our e-shop.