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Dropin Hood
In Stock
€32 excl. VAT
Have Golf Original
€40 excl. VAT
Hookbruc - travel
€49 excl. VAT
Currently Unavailable
€98 excl. VAT
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€164 excl. VAT
Minigolf Obstacles - basic set
€222 excl. VAT
Ketchit [:ke-cit:]
€330 excl. VAT
Garden-rondo (balls)
€495 excl. VAT
Skittles 30cms - complete set
€536 excl. VAT
Garden Minigolf - minigolf track
€702 excl. VAT
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€867 excl. VAT
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New games in stock. We keep improving our offer of garden and outdoor games, and that is why you will keep finding new games that we import or manufacture for you. 

If you know about a game that would fit in our selection of outdoor games, let us know and we will try to add the game in it. We will be happy for your tips and recommendations.